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About Our Centre

Happy Rompers

Happy Rompers Day Care Centre in NSW is a not-for-profit long day care centre. We are engaged in the centre’s functions and are present every single day.

Our team is lead by Hayley Jobson, nominated supervisor and educational leader.

Our Philosophy

We are licensed for 102 children and have three classrooms split into age groups. The first room is reserved children ages 0 to 2, the second room is for children aged 2-3 and our preschool room is for children aged 4-5 years.

We allocate time for siblings to be together and also have times when they are separated to allow for more age-appropriate experiences. This allows them to build new friendships that could be sustained as the children move into advanced schooling.

For free time, children will enjoy playtime and educational activities in both outdoors and indoors locations.


Meals are prepared on-site and are served during morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Nutritional guidelines related to food groups and daily serving requirements are always observed.

Our menu is on display at the centre and will be adjusted based on the season.

If your child has special dietary needs, we will endeavour to prepare suitable meals.

A detailed health management report from your child’s doctor or nutritionist is needed prior to commencing care. Parents should inform us immediately of any changes to these requirements.

New foods will be introduced gradually to younger children, and the menu will be prepared based on their stage of development and communication with parents.